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  Seattle Hempfest is an annual event in Seattle, Washington, Founded in 1991 as the Washington Hemp Expo, a self-described “humble gathering of stoners” attended by only 500 people, and renamed the following year as Hempfest, it has grown into a three-day annual reunion of like minded people, political rally, concert, forum for industrial hemp and arts and crafts fair with attendance typically over 400,000

#HHW18 Hemp History Week 2018  is officially here  and this a great time to Inspire hemp legalization with all the festivals and gatherings happening  summer. With several states now  legalizing cannabis , the Industrial Hemp discussion is now more prevalent and relevant. It is a real reality, a real option that many people have been advocating for decades and now those people with the help of the “new” advocates that are being found and created now will have a better, stronger chance of reintroducing Industrial Hemp to our farms, our industries, our lifestyle. To help Inform you I suggest you do some light reading about hemp and it’s varied history. This book: http://www.jackherer.com/thebook/ was a groundbreaking book in it’s day and it’s author Jack Herer is still revered as the godfather of hemp. Good, easy light reading. After you get sense of what hemp is, the benefits of hemp, some of the industrial uses of the…

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It’s that season for hemp advocates to network and celebrate with each other for a weekend of activism, music, speeches, comedy, food, craftsmen goods and all the other aspects of a summer festival. Seattle Hempfest is happening next weekend, August 14th-16th. Come see how seattle does it!

  For three days in August, hundreds of thousands of people will descend on Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks on Seattle’s waterfront for the 23rd annual Hempfest, traditionally the largest annual gathering of pro-cannabis supporters in the world.  This year, 2014, the first legal cannabis stores opened in Washington State, making this another hallmark year in the journey to re-legalizing hemp nation-wide.   What started out as a “humble gathering of stoners” in 1991, conceived during a peace vigil in opposition of the first Gulf War and attracting a crowd of about 500 people, has grown to a world-renowned 3 day “protestival” celebrating human rights, equality, freedom, and of course, cannabis.  Spanning 1.3 miles, two public parks, six stages, and more than 300 vendors and being staffed by over 1,000 volunteers, Hempfest isn’t just the largest annual pro-pot rally in the world — it is also one of the largest special…

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AN AMAZING PLANT by Bill Leuders From ISTHMUS, “the weekly newspaper of Madison” Feb 8-14, 1991 Reprinted by permission. Further reprints permitted with credits. There aren’t many things upon which long-haired radical Ben Masel, state Department of Agriculture official Erwin “Bud” Sholts, agronomy researcher Pat LeMahieu and corporate head George Tyson can be expected to agree. Among them: kicking puppies is mean, Drano should not be taken internally, and hemp – commonly known as marijuana – could become a major cash crop for Wisconsin. According to these and other participants in a, ahem, budding scientific discussion, the hemp plant could be cultivated not just for such traditional uses as rope and fabric, but also as a readily renewable resource for making paper, construction materials, high protein food, and safe, clean fuel. Masel, director of the Wisconsin Chapter of NORML, (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), in 1990…

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