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With Hemp History Week 2014  being just around the corner this a great time to Inspire hemp legalization with all the festivals and gatherings happening this 4/20 and summer. With both Colorado and Washington state legalizing cannabis last year, the Hemp discussion is now more prevalent and relevant. It is a real reality, a real option that many people have been advocating for decades and now those people with the help of the “new” advocates that are being found and created now will have a better, stronger chance of reintroducing Industrial Hemp to our farms, our industries, our lifestyle. To help Inform you I suggest you do some light reading about hemp and it’s varied history. This book: http://www.jackherer.com/thebook/ was a groundbreaking book in it’s day and it’s author Jack Herer is still revered as the godfather of hemp. Good, easy light reading. After you get sense of what hemp is, the benefits…

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It’s the final day of the official Hemp History Week 2013 and a good reminder that whether you use words, images, music or performance pieces, there are many ways to involve yourself in being an active activist for the causes you believe in.  It may take just a few moments or a few weeks…it can be simple or complex, small or huge, all efforts add up,  what matters is that you attempt to affect change. ~mjg  

Hemp History Week Newsletter 2013:   June 3-9, 2013 is the 4th annual Hemp History Week. Now in its forth year, Hemp History Week (www.hemphistoryweek.com) is the largest national, grassroots marketing and public education effort to renew strong support for hemp farming in the U.S. and raise awareness about the benefits of hemp products. Hemp History Week is an opportunity to have our voices heard in support of bringing hemp back to U.S. farms.   Hemp is a traditional American crop, grown by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Despite the fact that industrial hemp has no drug value, misguided federal policy criminalized the cultivation of industrial hemp in the U.S.. This outdated policy has created a missed opportunity for American farmers and consumers alike.   U.S. consumers are demanding U.S. grown hemp. Today, millions of consumers know hemp as a healthful source of plant-based protein and Omega 3s and 6s. They…

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