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Hemp Farming has been Legalized Across the United States by the 2018 Farm Bill For more information what this means for industrial hemp in the states check out this page on vote hemp https://www.votehemp.com/hemp-news/hemp-in-the-farm-bill-what-does-it-mean/ As an advocate of industrial hemp and re-legalizing I am thrilled by this progress and thankful for all of us who have advocated about the varied uses of hemp throughout the decades, and especially thankful to Jack Herer for what he did for the awareness of industrial hemp, and the 2 conversations we had in Seattle at hempfest and California NORML hightimes event that encouraged me to keep with the movement. Now it’s time to Rediscover Hemp!

On June 19th this year, Canada became the 2nd country in the world to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Regarding industrial hemp in Canada, well that’s been legalized since 1998 but you still don’t hear much about it. I thought this would be a good time to mention Canada’s hemp industry and see how it how it has done in the last 20 years, These are just the basic stats from gov site, but a starting point to learn and perhaps get inspired to make it happen here in the states or wherever you call home. https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/health-concerns/controlled-substances-precursor-chemicals/industrial-hemp/about-hemp-canada-hemp-industry/frequently-asked-questions.html#a20

#HHW18 Hemp History Week 2018  is officially here  and this a great time to Inspire hemp legalization with all the festivals and gatherings happening  summer. With several states now  legalizing cannabis , the Industrial Hemp discussion is now more prevalent and relevant. It is a real reality, a real option that many people have been advocating for decades and now those people with the help of the “new” advocates that are being found and created now will have a better, stronger chance of reintroducing Industrial Hemp to our farms, our industries, our lifestyle. To help Inform you I suggest you do some light reading about hemp and it’s varied history. This book: http://www.jackherer.com/thebook/ was a groundbreaking book in it’s day and it’s author Jack Herer is still revered as the godfather of hemp. Good, easy light reading. After you get sense of what hemp is, the benefits of hemp, some of the industrial uses of the…

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